Polishing the proposition.

We are pleased to announce a significant investment in an Enterprise version of Timeline’s world class cashflow planning software. At Altor we are always happy to invest in systems that make our own lives easier but the real excitement for us is when we can improve our clients’ lives.

We have been using Timeline for a few years now to help clients plan out their mid-term and long-term goals. From funding private school fees, boat purchases, holiday home purchases to retirement and beyond to planning expenditure in retirement. To do this in the past, we have had to download Timeline reports to be shared with clients.

This upgrade will give our clients’ their own secure website login to a Timeline dashboard that will show them their future cashflow and goals dynamically planned out for them. Even more excitingly it will automatically be updated by data feeds from the clients’ own bank and investment portfolio valuation systems.

We believe that for too long advisers have hidden their technology from clients for fear of losing control of the value added part of the relationship. We are not worried about this and want our clients to have access to as much of their own data and planning as we can give them. It allows our clients to dynamically plan ‘with’ us and not have the planning done to them.

We are heavily investing in our technology stack at the moment as a firm to improve the client experience and have a further major announcement to make shortly.

Timeline’s press release can be found here.

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