About Us

We believe that advisers charging a percentage of your wealth to advise you, is wrong. It feels to us a little like Capitalism for the adviser and Socialism for the client.

We charge the same fixed monthly fee to all clients and deliver the same service.

We believe that an adviser who recommends their company’s own investment solution or the service of one other company is not independent. Why does this matter, well because you will never know if the investment you have is the best and the adviser will never tell you.

We recommend external discretionary or advisory solutions to our clients from a wide range and often blend several to suit them.

We believe that many advisory businesses are set up with a target price and date for sale of the business. This means that how the advisers behave, is largely driven by financial company targets and not client objectives.

We are structured as a partnership and are not for sale.

We believe that most financial firms pay lip service to Corporate Social Responsibility and rarely put their money where their mouth is.

Altor gives 10% of its gross income to the Altor Charitable Foundation.

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