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Our most popular blog, here at Altor Views you will find a wide range of articles we’ve written that capture the latest interests and developments effecting the financial and investment industry.

  • What can we learn from Lottery winners?

    What can we learn from Lottery winners?

    For a decade, for a prior employer, we were part of a team of advisers nominated by Camelot, the company that runs the National Lottery, to meet with anyone who won over £500,000. The…

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  • Death of a 60/40?

    Death of a 60/40?

    The traditional 60% Equity/40% Bond portfolio has performed excellently for the last four decades (according to some research from Schroders, producing better returns than just equities or just bonds). They have provided good returns…

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  • Who’s risk is it anyway?

    Who’s risk is it anyway?

    Assessing your attitude to risk is a mandatory part of the advice process. It is also, unfortunately, one of the most mishandled part of advising clients as this fascinating study, from the peerless Dr…

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  • Covering the complex

    Covering the complex

    On the whole, our core client is asset rich enough that they can self-insur – essentially if they were to die or be struck down ill, their wealth would fund them and they don’t…

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  • New normal

    New normal

    This recent infographic from the good folks at Visual Capitalist sparked our interest, it shows the huge shift from ‘normal’ to some form of sustainable investing. They estimate that $21billion flowed into sustainable investments…

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  • B Corp

    B Corp

    At Altor we have believed for a long-time that companies, as a minimum, should do no harm but can also be a force for good in society. Governments have a huge role to play…

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  • Why didn’t we protect ourselves against the virus?

    Why didn’t we protect ourselves against the virus?

    There is a separate blog to be written about how well/badly we protected each other against this virus but that is not our specialism and so we will leave that to others. What we…

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  • Tax opportunity?

    Tax opportunity?

    So here we go, as predicted in our previous blog here, the tax rises are coming. The first one looks likely to be Capital Gains Tax (CGT) with this letter from the chancellor Rishi…

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  • Balance in all things

    Balance in all things

    There is a lovely, little pebbly cove in Cornwall accessed through the remains of an old Serpentine Works building. As you emerge onto the stones there are often magical looking piles of pebbles dotted…

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  • Company upgrade – Altor 2.0

    Company upgrade – Altor 2.0

    Okay so we haven’t fundamentally changed what we do here at Altor but we are very keen on constant iteration. Iteration is a process of regular, small upgrades to get to a desired state.…

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