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Our most popular blog, here at Altor Views you will find a wide range of articles we’ve written that capture the latest interests and developments effecting the financial and investment industry.

  • Polishing the proposition.

    Polishing the proposition.

    We are pleased to announce a significant investment in an Enterprise version of Timeline’s world class cashflow planning software. At Altor we are always happy to invest in systems that make our own lives…

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  • Who pays for SARS-CoV-2?

    Who pays for SARS-CoV-2?

    In short, if you are reading this, it is probably you. The Office for Budget responsibility is maintaining a spreadsheet here of the direct costs of Covid-19. The sheet is incomplete and is already…

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  • At last some competition!

    At last some competition!

    Just a quick post to highlight a new entrant to the flat fee space. We commented on the launch in this Wealth Manager Article as one of the key proponents of the flat fee…

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  • Adding value

    Adding value

    I was with a client recently and we drifted onto the subject of investment management fees. These are starting to reduce across the industry as the switch to passive funds is starting to bite…

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  • Death Tax

    Death Tax

    The Office for Tax Simplification released a report into inheritance tax earlier this month and it contained some good proposals and raised some interesting talking points for anyone working on avoidance inheritance tax (IHT).…

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  • Eenie meenie miney reversion for Woodford

    Eenie meenie miney reversion for Woodford

    This month saw Icarus finally hit the ocean as Neil Woodford closed his Equity Income fund to redemptions, in the process locking his clients’ money (£3.7bn worth) in for an indeterminate amount of time…

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  • How much income can I take in retirement?

    How much income can I take in retirement?

    This is one of the biggest questions that we are asked as a company and is one of the most important for every client we look after. Whether you are currently retired and want…

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  • New Partner at Altor

    New Partner at Altor

    It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Vaughan Watson has joined Altor as an equity partner. Vaughan joins from discretionary fund manager Tilney where he was Managing Partner – South East,…

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  • Profile of Altor

    Profile of Altor

    It has been a busy couple of years at times but Altor is now thriving and we met with Wealth Manager magazine recently to discuss how the business has developed so far and where…

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  • The myth of growth

    The myth of growth

    “No country has ever ended human deprivation without a growing economy. And no country has ever ended ecological degradation with one”. – Kate Raworth, Doughnut Economics Economists and politcians are obsessed with maintaining growth.…

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