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We Work to Suit You

You may be wondering if there is a different way of doing things. If there is a way of getting all the advice you need and having your investments managed – all for a clear, fixed cost.

You could be thinking: ‘How can I get my financial life completely planned for me without having to pay extra every time I need something new?’.

You probably have at least £1,000,000 of liquid capital (including pensions), unless we already look after someone connected to you.

You might be wondering whether the investments you have were set up to suit you or to suit your adviser.

We live our beliefs through every aspect of our work, because it’s at the heart of what we do and who we are.– Altor Wealth

If all of the above are true, do get in touch here.

We Do Things Differently Here

We believe that advisers charging a percentage of your wealth to advise you, is wrong. It feels to us a little like Capitalism for the adviser and Socialism for the client.


We charge the same fixed monthly fee of £700 to all clients and deliver the same service.


This is usually cheaper than the % equivalent for investors with portfolios of more than £1,000,000.


We also have a deeply discounted monthly fee for family of existing clients.

We believe that an adviser who recommends their company’s own investment solution or the service of one other company, is not independent. Why does this matter, well because you will never know if the investment you have is the best and the adviser will never tell you. We recommend external discretionary or advisory solutions to our clients from a wide range and often blend several to suit them.

We believe that many advisory businesses are set up with a target price and date for sale of the business. This means that how the advisers behave, is largely driven by financial company targets and not client objectives. We are structured as a partnership and are not for sale.

We Don’t Do Lip Service

We believe that most financial firms pay lip service to Corporate Social Responsibility and rarely put their money where their mouth is.

Altor Wealth Management llp gives 10% of its gross income to the Altor Charitable Foundation with a mission to support the planet, to support those in economic need, and to support those with health needs. To this date The Altor Foundation has so far received donations of £426,720 from Altor and our clients.

We are very proud, that having been through an intensive 12-month assessment process with external assessors, we have been awarded B Corporation status in the UK. There are 3,000+ B Corps globally including Ben & Jerry’s, EQ Investors, Patagonia and Triodos Bank. We are businesses with a legal requirement to balance profit with purposes – considering the needs of all stakeholders, society and the environment. We also meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance.

We are proud to have achieved Chartered Financial Planner Firm status in 2020 following a rigorous review by our Professional body. Chartered firms are in the minority and have committed themselves to the highest ethical standards in the profession. You can click on the logo beside to see why Chartered status matters.

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