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We are the Altor Foundation, established in 2019 by the partners of Altor Wealth Management llp and set up to receive 10% of the gross revenues of Altor Wealth Management llp. The Foundation receives the first share of partnership income before staff, suppliers and the partners. Our role is to manage this money and distribute it to good causes.

The Foundation has a broad range of charitable objects but is currently focused on Global environmental campaigns, International development/relief and causes local to the partnerships’ clients and staff.

In 2023 we supported the DEC following February’s tragic earthquake in Turkey and Syria. We plan to continue support for We See Hope, The Microloan Foundation, Tearfund, CMS’s mission in Bolivia working in the poorest communities of Santa Cruz and EBS counselling in Chandlers Ford which provides subsidised counselling to local people in need. We also support a second tier of charities and make matched giving donations to causes that Altor staff fundraise for.

The Altor Foundation is committed to creating a sustainable model that serves as an ongoing legacy. “ – The Altor Foundation



We are supporting Tearfund’s Global poverty campaigns.


We are supporting CMS’s mission in Santa Cruz.


We are supporting EBS in Eastleigh, Hampshire.


We aim to support the planet, those in economic need, and to support those with health needs.


Inspired by a quote made famous by Mahatma Gandhi, we aim to be the change we wish to see in the world.


We have distributed £102,781 to good causes, have £138,283 ready to distribute and invested £205,724 for the future.

What People Say

EBS, Chandlers Ford

“It is not possible to fully explain in typed words what a difference this makes to our charity.”

CMS, Bolivia

“The communities which benefit from these new opportunities are testimony to the Altor Foundation in reaching out to make a difference in our world.”


“Thank you for this gift and the difference it will make.”

If you are an Altor client with a cause you would like us to support – Let’s build something together.


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