Harvesting Water

‘Two years ago when my husband died, a mountain of sorrows had broken in my family. From this work all of us have got so much courage. Together we will take care and clean this tank regularly, and clean and sufficient water will be available to all the family members in the house forever.

Laxmi Devi – Ranasar village 18th July 2021
Laxmi Devi

The trustees are pleased to report a recent donation to WaterHarvest. They are a charity working mainly in North West India putting in infrastructure to capture and filter rain water. It is crucial that people have access to clean water if they are going to keep healthy and be able to lead productive lives. We were pleased that our donation was matched by another foundation, thereby significantly increasing the impact of our giving.

We are immensely grateful to you for choosing us to benefit with a wonderful grant of £2,000, received into our bank account today. Thank you so much, this is greatly encouraging, so very generous and makes a real difference to us. Furthermore, it qualifies for matched funding by our long-term supporters The Four Acre Trust, which, together with our leveraging in India of 73% as outlined in my appeal, will multiply this grant to a significant £6,920.

Julia Seal – WaterHarvest

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