Along with most people in the UK, the trustees were appalled by the aggression shown to Ukraine. It is difficult to see what any of us can do to prevent what is going on but we can help some of the Ukrainian people affected.

At least 3million people have fled their homes to escape the fighting and a total of 4million are expected to be displaced in the coming weeks. These refugees are crossing into Poland, Romania, Hungray, Slovakia and Moldova in huge numbers and with very little with them.

The immediate need is for food, water, shelter and medical relief.

The Altor Foundation has charities that it regularly supports, operating in these countries but we have taken the decision to give money to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) instead.

DEC are a combination of 15 of the UK’s leading Aid charities and allocate donations between their partner charities according to which ones are on the ground locally and able to provide the most support. A large proportion of the money donated to DEC appeals is spent delivering aid on the ground.

We have made an initial donation of £5,000 to DEC and continue to monitor their fundraising efforts.

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