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Following our recent donation to EBS in Hampshire to support their provision of mental health services to those who can’t afford it, they sent us the following blog post.

It’s not easy funding any organisation that looks to work within a disadvantaged community. Even with all the cake sales and sponsored events, familiar methods of fundraising can’t keep pace with inflation. We’re a small counselling charity in a tough community. Inflation isn’t fussed about that. It’s a blanket increase that impacts everything. Our room hire rates, insurance, and clinical supervision have seen massive increases. All of our fully qualified therapists and trainees volunteer their time. Many of our clients pay between £2 and £5 for a 50 minute counselling session, because that’s all they can afford. We don’t  turn anyone away. These people are people. Like me and you. 

Professional counselling should not be exclusively for the moderately wealthy. Therapy prevents, where possible, the descent into depression, relational chaos and worse. The pay-off is for the individual, for the community and for society. 

There is no greater thrill than watching a client find what they need to heave themselves out of their darkness into their future. 

“I became a single mum and it was absolutely terrifying. I was crying in secret. A right old mess. Thanks. I feel different and better and hopeful.”

EBS Client

Without help from donors, such as the Altor Foundation, EBS would not be able to provide the service at its current rate. It would not be possible to offer the correct, industry standard clinical supervision. It could not provide the continuous training needs and it certainly would not be possible to plan for the future. 

The clients thank us. We’d like to thank you. Not every company does what you do. 

“When we receive help from the Altor Foundation there is a small but not insignificant trustee celebration. Occasional you may see a tear.” 

EBS Trustee

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