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Our most popular blog, here at Altor Views you will find a wide range of articles we’ve written that capture the latest interests and developments effecting the financial and investment industry.

  • Necessity, the mother of invention.

    Necessity, the mother of invention.

    Almon Strowger started life as an ordinary man. Born in 1839, Almon fought in the American Civil War and ended up as an undertaker in Kansas Cty. From these humble beginnings though, he was…

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  • Debt: How much is too much?

    Debt: How much is too much?

    Like a stuck record we keep saying that government debt is too high and that this will come back to bite us at some point. Spiralling inflation in the UK is making the cost…

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  • AI


    It is hard to avoid news items about ChatGPT at the moment. It makes for great copy for journalists, who can ask it anything and write an article based on its response. If you…

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  • Direct Indexing – the next big thing?

    Direct Indexing – the next big thing?

    One section of the Altor team is living with very limited heat and hot water at the moment (and boy do we hear about it). The root cause is the inability of a major…

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  • Mary Ellen Pleasant

    Mary Ellen Pleasant

    Mary Ellen Pleasant was arguably the first self-made millionaire of African-American heritage. Although she died in poverty in 1904, aged 88, her fortune was at one point assessed as being worth $30,000,000, an extraordinary…

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  • How to live to your 90s

    How to live to your 90s

    On 23rd July 1983, Captain Bob Pearson and First Officer Maurice Quintal were in the cockpit of Air Canada’s Boeing 767, Flight 143 to Edmonton. They were flying at 41,000 ft, through clear skies…

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  • Crypto Bust

    Crypto Bust

    Bobby was the lead guitarist of two bands that were huge in the 70s. He still plays with one of them but touring is largely confined to Germany and the Far East now, the…

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  • Slow Money

    Slow Money

    On a cool, cloudless day in late March 1986, Jacques Bahbout opened his new MacDonalds restaurant in Rome. It was the city’s eighth MacDonalds but its location next to the historic Spanish Steps would…

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  • In happier news…

    In happier news…

    There is much to worry about at the moment on multiple fronts but there is always good news to be found. So for the glass half full people amongst you, we thought that we…

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  • Altor in a nutshell

    Altor in a nutshell

    It has been a busy time for us at Altor, having just been ranked 13th nationally by Financial Clarity, an arm of ISS Market Intelligence on behalf of the Financial Times, we were invited…

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